My Catnip

I believe that I’m like a cat.And I also believe that you hav a catnip-ish effect on me.I visibly purr in your presence,when I am petted and pampered and given the due amount of attention,when I’m curled up against you,warm and comfy,when I feel your arms around me,enveloping me in that infinite affection and warmth.And like a cat I grow obstinate when you are not around.I panic,grow violent,scratch,bite and attack when I feel lonely,when I miss the confirmation that I see in your eyes,the security that I feel in your voice,the overwhelming feeling that everyone calls “love” but what I prefer calling as something beyond that.I miss your presence,that beautiful warmth,the scent of you surrounding me.Cats are moody.So am I.I need my catnip.I need to dive in to those big,brown,liquidy eyes and search for myself,a reason beyond all reasons,a means to unravel the mystery that merges our souls,making them in to one.I need the blanket of your essence to keep me warm,merge in your perfume and revel in your beautiful aroma,let myself be carried off to faraway lands of divine bliss that exists nowhere else but right next to you.I need you here so that I could wrap myself around you once again,glow with your warmth,purr,be silly and with that satisfied smile look up to you eyes glowing with happiness,so that you would look in to them and understand what words could not possibly say.A girl deserves some intoxication,an escape from the real world once in a while don’t you think? I choose my intoxication,my window to the other world.It is you and I’m addicted.You,are my catnip.This kitten needs you.More than anything else.


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