A forgotten life

Lillies droop on the dull,wet tombstone,
roses shed their blood red petals
as they weep bloody tears.
A beautiful contrast,beautifully miserable.
The vibrant red of throbbing passion,
and the somber gray
of the decaying death.
Standing over a stranger’s grave,
inhaling the musty smell
of wet earth and wilting flowers,
I think,
how suffocating it must be inside that stuffy coffin.
Misery,heartache,sadness and pain,
all buried beneath heaps of earth.
Rotting away,
with the decaying flesh and withering memories.
Already a forgotten life.
Tears will dry in the sunny smiles of tomorrow,
As memories wither like mist before the sun.


2 Comments on “A forgotten life”

  1. Classic says:

    Breathtaking poem, wonderful work <3

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