I watch the plastic wings of the fan as they swivel,round and round and round.I kind of like the sound it makes,drowns out my thoughts,gives a rest to my ever wandering brain.I remember wondering why,why only three wings,why not more?Why does it go around in circles?Why?Why do I care?Why………………….

I woke up with a start.I was parched,my chest hurt,my eyes sting.I have been crying in my sleep.My mouth has dried up in the harsh August sun,but the necessity of water never entered my brain.I felt drained,empty.The phone was ringing in the haziness of a dream,beep-beep….beep-beep……sounded like the van that almost ran me over today.I could have been dead by now.The thought made me smile,strange isn’t it?I was parched,my throat felt cracked,yet getting up was not an option.The smiley faces that greeted me good morning on the way,the billboards,the cutouts,the little girl who kept screaming at her mother,the yellow ribbon in her hair that fluttered in the wind,the blood shot eyes of the man who leered at me in the bus,his ugly yellow teeth,his untidy hair,everything rushed back to me in this hazy confusion.I wanted to hide my self under the bed cloths,sink right in to the folds  and dissapear….It would have been easy….Yes,it would have been very very easy….Me,myself and the fan, drowning out the noise of the world.Drowning out everything……Drowning out the ramblings of my mind…


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