For whining purposes only!

Ok,so the whole purpose of this post is to whine,whine,whine and complain! Yes! And if it contains anything other than just pure,delicious whining, just shoot me!

Ok,first of all I have to study for this stupid class test tomorrow.Class test?? Really??? Sigh….Just when I thought that I had left all the terrible,horrible,pathetically demotivating memories of class tests which I totally cheated at and pop quizzes that never failed to drag me in to this huge pit of depression,but managed to get through anyway wayyyyy behind at school and started doing something mature as an undergrad,somebody drags back a class test in to the scene and makes me question the maturity of the whole situation.So who kicked me out of uni and sent me back to kindergarten again?Honestly,a class test?? Give me a break!!

And then I have this absurd play to write and submit sometime soon(and get this,I have to write that in FRENCH!), a compte-rendue (a brief of a certain event that I had witnessed,which also shoul be in French) and a class test to study for of which I understand and know nothing and of which I do not possess any note of any kind.And then there’s the exam coming up.

This play I’m writing,well, it involves a man,a woman,a bed,a door and a bull.I just realized that it sounds kind of kinky. Well,ts not,atleast not yet.But I honestly dont know what it will turn out to be once I have finished with it coz I absolutely have NO idea what I’m writing about.Well,the good thing is,its an absurd play and I for once,dont have to make sense.

Exams are up next and I have five papers this time one of which,modernist poetry, I have barely attended lectures.Why havent I attended lectures,because of the pure lethargy to get up at the wee hours of morning(7am) and come for the lecture which is at 8am.And how am I going to manage the paper? The answer my dear friends, is NOT blowing in the wind,the answer is!!

Stress pimples are sprouting on my face like mushrooms(but I like mushrooms,so lets say they are sprouting like spinach, even though they don’t “sprout”.I hate spinach) as the mere thought of exams causes my hormones to go berserk.It is at times like this I hate my hormones.Well,I’m lucky if I hate just the hormones and stop there coz it definitely seems like I hate everything right now.Well,not EVERYTHING,my exageration habits tend to get a little extreme sometimes.You see,I dont like to whine to people,and since I do not have anyone to whine and complain to,I always turn to my trusty blog.It has always been there for me and listens to me whatever unintelligible nonsensical,utterly absurd theory that I might come up with, with a sort of an intelligent silence(I like to think of it that way).Well,its not like it has other things to do than listening to me whining and complaing either! Ha! 3:)

I feel so enormously and gigantically lucky to have you blog! (Yes,I do realize that I’m talking to my blog and no,it doesn’t worry me one bit).In times of difficulty and in times of loneliness and tough times you have always been there for me like noone else has,and I wouldn’t know what to do without you.Ok,there goes my ode to a blog.

Well,I better get back to my boring old notes I guss unless I want to get fried tomorrow.I have a feeling that there will be PLENTY of whiny blog posts in the future,so DO hold your breath people!But dont die,please don’t die! I don’t want  funerals to attend to on the top of my “to do” list.But that’s another whine note for another day…


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