Dancing shoes

Going upwards in a pilouette, poise and attitude….
Pose for a millisecond,bend all the way down,
graceful pliée.
Feeling the thigh muscles tighten and stretch,
as I reach heavenwards,swan like arch of the neck
Ah bliss!
Bending sideways in a cambre,
the usually rigid back bone flowing,
lithe and graceful
like water.
Hips swaying side to side, the rhythm embraces,
intoxicates in a drunken ecstacy and flows through the veins,
the motion creating a dream like trance in the head. Floating.
As one leg chases the other in a chaseé,
hips tense up for a second,left right and left again.
Torso moves in snake like motion, ribs disappear
No bones,no flesh,
I am but a ribbon flowing in the wind,
Not belonging to the earth, oh no, I am far up in the clouds,
On the dance floor, weightless,
And care free, like a child.
Nothing exists, the sole concern
flexing muscles and the thud of the feet on the floor.
Everything else……..mundane.
Pose and finish the act, breath coming in gasps
only to be awakened by the thundering applause, looking up.
Thousand pairs of eyes, admiring, applauding.
Encore!! I can’t stop smiling.
Tears in my eyes.Happy tears.
Blinding spotlight,dizzy.
It is at that moment when my heart flies away
And rests itself,
upon my dancing shoes….


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