A love letter….

Well,let me tell you how my day begins.I open my eyes and the first thing I do? Groggily fumble for the phone and dial for you.So yes,that’s how my day begins and that’s how it ends.My day begins and ends with the sound of your voice.

This is not about how much I love you,how much you mean to me,how much I care about you and all that blah blah…All that romantic mumbo jumbo sounds very nice,undoubtedly very sweet but we have all heard of that before haven’t we?And those very people have turned around and spat back at our faces,back stabbed us,cheated on us shamelessly and wait,what am I complaining about? I have you and well, I HAVE YOU!!!! :D

Do you know what my favorite song is at the moment? Well,it’s “Sky is over” by Serj Tankian.And you know why? Coz that’s my ringtone right now.I am undoubtedly the most happiest girl in the world to hear Serj Tankian screech out that the sky is over in the middle of the night or the middle of the day, in the middle of the road or in the middle of the library(hear the librarian roar!) and I would quite rudely and carelessly drop what ever it was that I was doing and rush for the phone as if my soul depended on it (or as if the sky really is over) coz somehow or the other I would know that in a matter of seconds,your voice would be all mine for my listening pleasure.Talk about telepathy!

As for the way you make me feel….Well,I just realized that I’m grinning like a Cheshire cat right now when I’m thinking of you.And yes,you have turned me in to a complete romantic slob and yes,I have been writing quite a lot about you lately and yes,all lovey dovey,guilty as charged.But hey,a girl’s in love when a girl’s so hopelessly in love right?

I almost forgot to tell you why I wrote this.Well,its sort of a thank you note,a small one at that.Its not our anniversary,its not your birthday,its not my birthday so its one of those  “just because” notes that I’m so fond of.Thank you for putting up with a nonsensical,utterly insane mess like me. I mean,I’m annoying.So very,extremely annoying and well,weird too of which I’m pretty sure you have gotten lethal doses of pretty often.HOW do you HONESTLY put up with me??? I’m not perfect and I never will be,I’m clumsy,I run in to walls,I trip over things,drop things,say stupid stuff,ask stupid questions(and get even stupider answers :P) and I’m NEVER punctual(My parents say that we are a match made in heaven at that point :P).Thank you for putting up with my anger tantrums(yes,very childish),my mood swings,occasional fits of hysteria and temporary madness(bua ha ha ha!) and heavens,now that I actually listed them down,you DO put up with such a lot!Thank you for accepting me as I am,accepting me warts n all,madness or not.Its just amazing,you are amazing and corny as this may sound and quite hackneyed,YOU are the best thing that has ever happened to me and will ever happen to me without even a trace of a doubt.

The past is gone,as good as it never existed.My life did not exist before you,love did not exist,happiness did not exist,the earth did not rotate,the sun did not shine,the water did not flow,the fish did not swim,the birds did not fly.I did not exist before you,you did not exist before me.We are just two very imperfect human beings,so very perfectly in love with each other and I wouldn’t have it any other way…

There you go, my first ever love letter to you……


2 Comments on “A love letter….”

  1. Anna says:

    This was so sweet to read. LOL at the librarian.

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