Avocado ice packets

The taste of avocado all the way from my childhood,an infinite addiction,an affectionate memory. I remember the first day I was introduced to this icy,buttery sweet taste.It was during the early stages of my school years.

It was a smoldering day and the sun was beating down on us mercilessly. While walking home from school, my servant and I were exhausted.”Ice packets!” my servant suggested. That was my first experience with avocado ice packets. The shop was a long way off our route and we had to trudge up a hill in harsh sunlight(I detested umbrellas back then),fatigued to the bone after a long day at school,but what awaited at the top of the hill would soothe those pains away and make you forget the harshness with which life has treated you with on that day in less than a second.It was more than just rewarding,it was pure heaven.It was a small shop and as the demand for ice packets was high specially during school times,they quickly ran out of ice packets and we had to rush there if we are indeed to get our hands on two of these.The packet was small,4×2 inches and I only got to have one of them at a time. Also the fact that they did not make these everyday and that on rare occasions that they did make them,it is not so certain that we will get our hands on one made it every bit of an exotic delicacy.

I was introduced to the concept of forbidden fruit from a very early stage of life.Avocado ice packets were every bit a forbidden fruit,a guilty pleasure.My mother never approved of street food. In fact, street food was almost considered a sin, sacrilege and she never failed to conduct her daily sermon on eating right and the consequences of not obeying her orders.I always feared my mother as a child.She was strict and her punishments were harsh.Yet my love for avocado ice packets knew no fear.I relished them with a pleasure of a thief stealing away a priceless diamond,feeling guilty but at the same time extremely thrilled,adrenalin rushing through the veins,excited at the mere thought of getting caught.Guilt made it divine and exquisite as ambrosia,as titillating as the experience of reaching heaven after death.Fear and pleasure know no bounds.

The day my mother discovered an empty ice packet in the dustbin sealed the fate of my unimaginably scandalous yet extremely gratifying love affair with the avocado ice packets.I was wrought with shame,the servant was told off for giving me street food and I was punished severely for my sins.My servant never bought me ice packets again and I never asked for them again.Nor were they ever mentioned in the household.

Now more than 15 years later,the hot sun beating down my back through the umbrella(yes,I use an umbrella now) on a day when this former lover of mine who has given me so much of pleasure in the past suddenly springs to my mind,I walk the extra couple of blocks just for the old time’s sake.But now the little shop at the top of the hill is closed,and in its place stands a huge three storey house,bearing no resemblance at all to the small wooden shop with its plastic bottles filled with colorful candies, marshmallows and my lady toffees at the counter and the colorful elephant house posters adorning the front.Turning back with a smile on my face,the taste of those avocado ice packets is still fresh on my tongue,taunting me,urging me to have a taste,a subtle bite,a daring go at them again….


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