This is Town hall(Libera nos a malo)

Counting steps

Between the town hall glistening white.And the park

On the other side.

Counting steps

On uneven flag stones,marked

with bird droppings.White.

Its quite a walk to the 193 bus halt

Stigmata  pouring out Libera nos a malo

from the ear phones.

Which evil,I wonder

are we to be delivered from?

The evil that leers within

the vehicles,the side walks

at the sight of a young girl

walking alone ?

Which evil,I wonder

From the evil within the self?

that longs to smash a fist

on those lecherous stares

wipe off leering smiles

off a wretched face?

Which evil?

Does it even matter?

This is town hall

The stench of bird droppings, stale urine

drilling the nostrils,heady perfume

frying the brain.


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