Disoriented.Once upon a time

Disoriented,once upon a time

she succumbed

to a stranger,who took her by the hand

and promised her

the world,wrote her songs

love songs

called her

His Queen,the Keeper

of his soul

(like Hades perhaps?) She wondered

but shrugged off the morbidity

’cause he sang her to sleep

every night.

But one day he twisted her hand

that very hand he held,the hand

that he called soft

and supple


as baby skin.

Twisted and wrenched out

her heart,through the hole he drilled

in to her chest with a spear

of electromagnetic words lanced

at her through air

wrenched out her heart

like a brain being pulled out of the nose

a significant step

in the process

of mummifying a corpse

or a Queen

if you like.


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