burn ugly truth burn

lick the flesh off the bones

suck it clean,clean

and white.Burn

the love,the memories

the pain,the loss

the hurt,the anger

oh how the flames love the anger

the future,the hair

crack,crackling in the flames

scrunches up in to this

gooey black mass that doesn’t burn

oh the skin,the skin,how delicate

burning brown and splits open

nice and crisp,browned

to perfection and then


like overcooked meat


The flesh,red and raw

crackling,no more blood there

just traces

of what have been

the man is dead,he is dead

ashes,ashes! The man is


It smells of burnt life here

and hair,that foul smell of

burnt hair

Pride.It smells of pride

a somber sort of proud,the flames

are proud,are proud and flamboyant

burning bright.

Ashes,ashes! Sweep up the stove!

Earth to earth

Ashes to ahes

dust to dust.

May he rest in peace.


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