And then I shall hover above you all

Look down on you hapless creatures

Your cheating wives

And husbands that just don’t know

how to tell a lie

I shall smile at the wicked

The wicked and the senseless, smile

At their blood drained lips

Smacking, contemplating

evil, their murderous minds

shall entertain me very much.

I shall

Make gestures to you all

To bow down, bend low

Lo w and below, make way

For the queen, delirious

And raving mad, shall I

Be the next Sylvia Plath

With her head within the oven

A tortured soul that just wouldnt rest?

I shall look up to you, your big dark eyes

Twinkling and amused, I shall wince

And you shall smile and say

My poetry has grown violent since late

And I shall smile and nod

Smile and nod

Because there’s nothing more to say.


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