Life changing moments…

It’s 4.30 in the afternoon.The world seemed diluted in this deliciously syrupy golden glow that the sun generously ladles out usually at this time of the day(which reminds me of my mother’s afternoon snacks of pancakes,patties,cheese cake,miscellaneous tit bits and animated conversation) Everything’s quiet except for the silent swish-swishing of the neighbor sweeping her lawn,the yelps of my two darling pups downstairs and the squabbling of the squirrels and the birds who haunt the many nooks and corners of the garden.The mango tree out at the front rustles it’s leaves at me in greeting and tiny,transparent specks of dust are dancing in a ray of light which emerges out of the lush boscage of jade-green leaves,undoubtedly drunk in this honeyed aureate glow of the sun.I realize that I’m smiling.All alone sitting out here with my cup of afternoon tea and armed only with my notepad with its various scribblings I’m thinking….these are the moments in life when you actually feel thankful that you’re alive.The breeze just brushes across the cheeks,plays with the hair and leaves me in utter ecstasy.My fingers scribble across the pages in a frenzied tribal dance.In this afternoon glow,the world seems less menacing than usual,more amicable and somehow,more intimate.It is homey and comfortable,fresh,as a newly hatched baby bird slowly preening its unformed fragile wings,still uncorrupted from the grime and grit of a merciless,polluted world.And that’s what I felt like – like a newly hatched baby bird,rejuvenated,pure and untouched.This is the height of utmost tranquility and peace of mind,away from the daily peeves and chagrins,away from the cares of the world,the ultimate etheriality of the soul.Simply,a beautifully lucid moment in an otherwise complicated life…..

My usual cup of afternoon tea seemed distinctively gratifying than usual.


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