Music of the rain

Stepping out of the shower dewy and refreshed

smelling like a field of flowers after the rain

I wonder

why my fever speaks to me in encrypted tongues

It sings to me

in tune with the pitter-patter of the rain

untold stories flow in the drains.My fever hums

Listen carefully

you can hear the angels weep,the flutter of their wings

as they flee the wrath of untamed beasts

The thunder growls unheard chants

My fever hisses in my ear,its shrill wicked tongues

lick the ear lobes,burning,drills inside with piercing cries

Drenched birds harmonize

Hop across the railings in a frenzied,ritualistic dance

Strange though,no whispering wind

murmurs in my ear secrets swept across the lands

of forbidden things.

The thunder growls unheard melodies

My fever sings in tongues,I listen, enthralled

beguiled,hypnotized,I listen with bedazzled eyes

The sky weeps so,in heart rendering cries

the lightning’s harsh,the chastised raindrops

droop to the ground.Music needs no language

to speak to the soul.

The rain seemed lonely.It sang so sweet

of solitude,of anguish

and other melancholy deals

So I,

Let the rain in,opened my doors

Kept each other company,my fever,the rain

And a hazy-eyed I.





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