The Green monster

The green monster rears its ugly,slimy head

Attacks,lashes around.Razor sharp tentacles

Grabs hapless creatures,throttles,crushes

The bones,suffocates

Blood spills

Far and wide,salty tears


It needs no reason to attack

And kill,the innocent

The unsuspecting

A mere movement,a flutter

Of butterfly wings,a click

Of a camera lens,a snap

Of a twig

Can trigger its envious rage

Shatters fragile hearts,wrecks


Souls to bottomless pits

Of despair,grief and sorrow

Nothing saves them,the green monster

Devours them whole,leaves behind

The sucked up bones,the spilled guts

The splatted brains,remorse

And bitterness in its lair

Only to feed it’s ugly offsprings

As it breeds storms in infested minds.



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