Let the nose lead the way…

5.30 Pm.Tired,I drag myself home after hours of skimming that dried out land of knowledge,perusing through book shelves of shops and ultimately looking down on empty hands,arriving at a dead end.Tired,I let my nose do all the seeing,the hearing,the sensing.My eyes,too tired from diving within words,passages and mysterious writings in a foreign language that I don’t quite understand.I walk,half drag myself home through the crowd,feeling as if I’m swimming against the currants as I wade through the flood of arms,legs and buttocks when all around me,people walk past in a different direction.I smell the vehicle fumes,the carbon wafting through my nostrils,lodging themselves in the brain,the artilleries heaving themselves under the weight,the fragile blood vessels bursting with pressure.I smell the laden fumes of leather,shoe polish,musty air conditioning and rubber,I smell the rather synthetic smell of new cloths mingled with the cool fumes of trapped air conditioning,plastic wrapping,stale sweat and cardboard boxes.I smell body lotion,heady perfumes,sometimes cheap,sometimes costly,sometimes chemical,piercing,confusing,sometimes subtle,simple and nice.I smell the fragile feminine fragrance of gardenias,jasmine, camellia and sometimes even roses as busy looking females bustle past,leaving behind only their lingering scents,left to roam the earth unattended.I smell musk,I smell that sickly sweet scent of a commonly used men’s fragrance,I smell that sublimely earthy wood that I find quite seductive,I sense that delightfully subtle scent of a masculine spicy cologne that I have always adored and still continue to do so.I smell sandal wood,resin and incense and I know that I’m walking past that little ayurvedic boutique that sells everything from herbal face packs to little dark lumps that you take with bee’s honey for stomach aches and digestive problems.I sense the delicious aromas of baking,of cakes and bread teasing the senses,tempting,titillating,alluring many stray dogs to flock at the bakery entrance,waiting and wagging in anticipation.I let my nose lead me away from the hustle and bustle of the city on to a quieter street where I smell tree roots,kottu,raw leaves and wet,dull earth.

It’s only a matter of time till my nose delights in those homey aromas again.

It’s quite a treat after a tiring day,coming home to that comforting smell of belonging,home cooking,smells that welcome,cleanse of all the hatred,the hostilities of the outside world,envelops in a warm lovely embrace and make it all go away.These are the essences that I grew up with,have learnt to seek refuge in, as a result which they have grown a part of my extended self.I am home when I sense my two doggy poos licking away at my palms.I am home.



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