8 Am still,the skies

Are dark.I sit


On a pile of cloths,a travelling bag

And my deflated enthusiasm sulking

At my feet

Ragged and pathetic like a de-aired balloon

It slitheres and suffocates like an offended snake

Rudely awoken,gushing and hissing

Poisonous words.

Excitement died and went to hell

To rot,to breed

Maggots and

Contemptuous sloth.

It only takes a pin prick to drill a gaping hole

In your big yellow,sunny balloon,then you

Kiss it good bye,watch it

Get flushed,go down the drains

Gurgling,leave you contemplating

On a pile of cloths and a travelling bag

Your deflated enthusiasm sulking

Coiling round and round,slithering

Gushing and hissing poison

Like a disgruntled snake.


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