It really is the longest night

That I couldn’t sleep,I missed

Your voice for so long,your arms

Haven’t held me in a while,at this moment

All I need is you,your bushy beard

Brushing against a shoulder or tickling

The forehead as I listened

To your heart beat quicken

As my arms tighten and

I whisper nonsensical sweet nothings

Against your chest.And I

Could feel you smiling

Smiling against my cheek

As I stand on tiptoes

To hear you breath.

3 Comments on “Missing”

  1. S says:

    Smothering hay stacks and Barney’s barnacles! The guy must be one lucky bastard to be felt in such a beautifully monumental way by you.I trust that the other posts under the love/affection category are about him too? Couldn’t help but wish that somebody felt the same way about me too.He better believe his luck and hold you tight ma’am because,this indeed is a rare thing to behold :)

  2. Yup,its all about the one and the same.Glad u like them…

  3. S says:

    Always a pleasure to read you ma’am.Very strong,tenaciously painful,binding sort of a tenor you got there.Sheer virginal,unblemished,melancholic sort of a music pervades each poem.A hell-raising storm in a beer can I must say.Always been a huge fan.Always will.Respect

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