The longest night

Time has frozen in its tracks,the clocks

Have stopped running.Burning

With fever I tossed

And turned all night with a head

That refused to calm the many voices

Which spoke

All at once.

The bones seemed frozen while the skin

Burned,a thousand ants

Ran up and down on lazer sharp legs,biting


A crescent moon points

It’s silver dagger,menacing

Spining the insides in knots,tracing

Lines in blood

Upon a fragile skin and then

I got stabbed,a vein

Got cut,my toes

Were severed from my feet,but my bones

Are frozen that

I don’t bleed

Will the scars show

Tomorrow when the sun

Is up and shining? Will I

Still burn? Or shall I

Remain frozen? The morning

Seems far as the clocks

With the frozen hands refused

To move,while I burn

Bright,painful and shivering

All at the same time.


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