What hope?

I watched

As hands slipped away that promised

To hold on for eternity,and get

Entangled in others,ready to let go.

I watched

As forever and ever’s floated off in to the wind

Burst like bubbles,disappear

In to thin air,weep

Translucent soapy tears


I watched

As doves of innocence transformed

To midnight ravens,feed off human flesh,

Caw and snigger.Carnivorous.

I watched

As tongues that used to explore,enlace

Each other unravel

A wrath of the most horrible kind,Spit

Bite and break

Hearts that swore not to break and bleed

Hearts which swore not to bleed.

I watched

Perfection disintegrate,shed it’s perfect cloths

To reveal ugly,flawed skin,and disgust

The most dedicated souls,send them

Fleeing.I watched

Hands that caressed,touched

And pleasured,slapped

Throttled and deformed figures

Used to be kissed and fondled good night.

I watched

As promises shattered,dreams

And faith wings singed,hung

On butcher’s hooks,deceived.

What hope has the rest of us got?

What hope,when even stone statues



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