A tale for my daughter

Someone should invent a fairy tale

Where fairies are myths and crooks are real

Where a young girl sets out all alone

Frightened and hungry,still she must be strong

Unfriended,deceived,duped and ensnared

Robbed,raped and battered,not to mention scarred

Heart broken,too many times

Crushed and trampled,still she continues strong

She shall not be too pretty,nor fragile

Sturdy and smart shall be her style

No prince Charming shall come in search

To rescue her from an evil curse

Nor dragons,nor step mothers,evil and strong

Not even ugly old Ogres,she shall brave it all alone

No kiss of true love shall wake her from sleep

No kiss of true love shall rid her of poison steep

No Cinderellas,sleeping beauties,no blond snow whites

And certainly none of those dwarf types

Most definitely,Prince Charmings shall be banned

Those clowns just appear and complicate plans

She shall conquer it all alone

Without a proverbial “prince” know-it-all

And that’s the tale that I’ll tell my little girl

And that’s the tale she shall remember at every turn

I shall call it “reality” a brand new form

Where stranded little girls make it on their own

No deceptive fairy tales shall ever brush her years

Where girls mop floors till P.Charming appears…


2 Comments on “A tale for my daughter”

  1. halfwaydescent says:

    Hahaha!! I like this! Real Jay style.
    You go girl! Awesome stuff ;)

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