Searching for Moon

Looking for that calming brilliance

That I just couldn’t find

I scoured the night sky


Feeling fragile

Impermanance reined the night

Bringing back memories from time to time

The moon,it had

Deceived me,I

Found myself broken

And groping for the pieces

Once again.

Promises dismembered, I saw them

Bits of shattered glass all over the sky

Which pricked and bled,I tried

So hard not to bleed

Yet,it did

Oh yes,it did.

I had cried for the moon like a child

Again and again.I shouldn’t have

When I knew tears wouldn’t change a thing


Make the wounds sting

It was ok though.I had

Learnt my lesson,not

To howl at the moon,futile

It shall

Only hurt the throat

Tears shall heal the gashes,once

It stopped aching,I was

Growing up I suppose,for I

Was strangely serene and quite

Proud of myself

This time around.The moon

Shall shine one day

Yet I knew

That it was not here today

The moon

Was not there,I knew

And something snapped

I winced

As broken strings hung loose,dangled

Scraping delicate skin



One Comment on “Searching for Moon”

  1. something_wonderful says:

    Beautiful! Powerful and poignant,it’s beautifully crafted pain.Amazing!

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