To the sleep monster…..

Sleep you monster,come now

Take me away,I need

Your sweet oblivion,to swallow

Me up whole,so that

I shall not feel,I shall not bleed

Anymore.I need

Your cold embrace,I need

Your sweet lullaby.What?

You will not come? You

Will make me suffer yet again? You

Shall keep me awake tonight,twisting

Turning in bed and liquid

I shall whither away,I know

That I shall,hating you

Hating me.Then

That little bottle that contains you

In tiny white rounded things gleams

Smiles on a shelf.Once

In my hand,down

My throat,my heart

Shall stop beating and you

Shall see me,eternally asleep

Soon.Smile then you monster


Sleep you monster

Have mercy,devour me up

I am but a bag of bones,but yet

The pills shall do the needful

My heart shall stop beating,it does not

Need to beat



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