The Original sin


There is no fate,there is

No destiny,maybe

It’s something that we

The stubborn ones had invented,true

To our headstrong,stupid nature,like the time

We went ahead and plucked apples

Off forbidden trees,got chased

Off Eden.Remember

The Original Sin?

We now roam the earth

Forlorn,pick random people

Random chances,quite stupidly

And stubbornly of course

Call it fate,call it

Destiny whatever bat shit

That we have invented as excuse

To not accept one’s mistakes,and linger on

Suffering,in sickness till death

Does it’s part,cursed

So as no son of Adam shall offer a helping hand,a word

Of kindness in moments

Of pain.I’d say

Eve was daring but Adam

Was a coward who blamed

His woman for showing the way

Shame on thee you shameless man!

But I’d blame both

For sickness and death that plagues us today

For their “original stupidity”

That bite off the wisdom apple didn’t do much it seems.


5 Comments on “The Original sin”

  1. Come on, now! Tell us what you really think! A very impassioned bit of writing! Nicely done!

    here is my offering for this first Gooseberry Garden picnic:

  2. this is cool, lovely imaginations, enjoyed it.


  3. wordcoaster says:

    I like your take on this–somewhat similar to mine, but highlighting different areas in a slightly different manner :)

  4. shail says:

    I wrote something similar, in a humorous way though :)

  5. Morning says:

    so clever and lovely,

    Thanks for the contribution.


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