To an absent muse

I have looked for you

Among untrodden ways I have travelled

Looking,searching,a mere glimpse

Would suffice,a mere breath

Would have healed the gashes

That a benumbed mind had inflicted,would have opened

The flood gates,let flow

Fertility to an otherwise mundane


I have searched for you

In the eyes of the known,the unknown

Among the lines,the wrinkles

Of familiar and the unfamiliar

And the not so familiar faces

Only to arrive

At nothing.

I have searched my tears,scoured

Every drop,every sprinkling

Of painful saltiness,but you were not there

Oh no, you weren’t there, even in smiles

The sunny warmth had deceived

Many a heart,bled dry

The veins of chimera and healed

The exotic wounds of


I have rampaged my dreams

My thoughts,tried

To dig out,the memories

Take them apart,to see

If there are tiny, scrumptious morsels left of you

And your beautiful ways,in your arms

It was easy to feel loved,to feel

Cared for.

You are not there where

You always were,where you hid

With all your little ideas,your beautiful words

You had left

And haven’t come back it seems


It’s been too long,way

Too long….


5 Comments on “To an absent muse”

  1. Lambi judai as the song goes. Well written Jay.

  2. Jingle says:

    sad, well said.
    bless your …


  3. Absent says:

    I’ve read this post many times over on different occassions, and each time it has drawn perfect parallels to both past and present emotions.. Slick, shiny, nourishing emotions painted over sticky, sweet, corrosive ones..

    • Emotions are what triggers that inner muse i suppose, specially the corrosive ones. They feed the muse, enriching it, coaxing it to come forth and present itself. Glad that it was capable of reaching out and triggering your interest :)

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