A much needed change

Confined to this room, these four walls

Where I have cried, fought demons

Of all kinds

And smiled, numerous smiles, a gazillion times.

This room

Where I have lain sick, lain cold

And shivering, afraid

So very afraid, in need

Of a supportive arm, an understanding gaze

A warm heart, selfless

And pure, which I have grown to believe

Is a wondrous myth.

A change is in need, a change

Of scene, of

State of mind, of people

Who surrounds, suppresses and fills

The empty spaces, the shadows

Behind the blinds, the closets

With fear, with dread, with hateful remorse

And sadness. That wretched, wretched sadness.

Monotony chokes, squeezes the living breath

Out of a pulsating heart, it squirts

Foul blood, coagulating

On pure white surfaces of squeaky clean

Contentment. Staining

Spoiling, scarring.

A change is in need, to save myself

My soul, my spirit, my immortal mortal self

From the darkness that lies within and brews ugly woeful things

As I toss and turn in sleep. A change

Is in need.


4 Comments on “A much needed change”

  1. robin says:

    beautiful and honest…

  2. Jingle says:

    Glad to see you at poets untied.

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