The temple bell tolls in the distance

Sad, lonely, calling out

For company,come visit me it says

Does anybody listen? Does anybody care?

Does anybody have to care?

Darkness falls, descends on mortals

Like a succubus, dragging the curtain

Of sadness and fatigue, covering eyes

Once bright with hope and smiles

Dulls the life, bleeds dry

The sparkle and zest that once twinkled

And laughed, danced within

The consuming night vengeful in it’s wrath

Collapses on unsuspecting heads

a lead weight

That crushes and tramples and hovers

Sponge like, absorbing all that is good

Leaves behind the dirt, the mud and the grit

For the soul to grovel and lick at, feeding on

The dregs and slime of an exhausted world.

Does anybody hear the cries in the night, does anybody

Answer? When eyes melt over wasted,hollow cheeks

And on to the ground, pleading

Starring at a starless sky, waiting

For that shooting star that never comes, does anyone answer

The silent wails? Godot

Never came. He

Shall never come. Dry the eyes

And look ahead. Just watch out

For the pit falls. You don’t want to

Break your neck.Now THAT

Would be inconvenient

For all.


6 Comments on “Drained”

  1. Congrats on a strong and powerful finish!

  2. belladonna23 says:

    awesome, wanderer.

  3. Kim Nelson says:

    Stunningly powerful. The image is amazing, the words even more so.

  4. thekillromeoproject says:

    I wish I had the talent that you do to say the things I feel. Simply awesome. Loved the dark feelings in this one.

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