( This post is in celebration of Wesak, a festival which commemorates the birth, the attaining of Buddhahood and the death of Lord Buddha which takes place today. This festival is generally known as a festival of light where we light lanterns, adorn the houses in strings of light and basically bedazzle our environment in a festive, yet tranquil manner. The temple plays the major role in this festival thus giving it that sense of peace, serenity and fulfillment. I have tried merely to capture the overwhelmingly ecstatic aura which surrounds the household during the festival and this is just a fraction of it that I have managed to behold in my humble words. )

I lit three lanterns today

Red for love, yellow for happiness

White for peace, perpetual cravings

Of the heart, the mind and the soul

That shall not be appeased, for there is always

Something amiss for us

The mortals, the never satisfied.

Yet, the garden

Flecked with morcels of light sang

Happy songs, quiet and calm, it swayed

Under a full moon that hung precariously from the heavens

Perfumed with the frangipani of the morning and the kadupul

The queen of the night.

The globes of light swayed, lulled

With the sacred breeze from the temple, perfumed

With incense and oil lamps, it soothed

Bathed and cleansed, for a moment

For one fleeting moment,

The weight of the world fell off sagging shoulders

While the rows of lights blinked, winked and glistened

Bathed and dazzled a chimeric state of mind.

Thank you so,very much for the award and to all those who voted for me. Hugzzz!


8 Comments on “Lanterns”

  1. Such beautiful and graceful imagery you have created! :)

  2. this is very cool. very nice.

  3. I just love the picture too…the whole blog looks nice. I am very charmed by it all.

  4. tarunima .. says:

    beautiful imagery and beautiful picture!:))

  5. Alive aLwaYs says:

    Rejoicing the spirituality, wonderful!

  6. seabell says:

    Celebrating through words… Really nice!

  7. loved the imagery…nicely done!

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