No windows, no doors

Trapped inside, a room with four walls

No doors nor windows, I sketched on the walls

My future, as I liked it to be

The white washed walls soon filled up with glee

A cosy little cottage, in the beautiful sea side

Wide open spaces where wind flows nigh

Wings to fly, soar up high

Descend through the clouds, scour the night sky

I sketched all these on four blank walls

And realized there was no more room to draw

And looked around for a place to let flow

My numerous dreams, my sketches longed to soar

But realized that there was no means to escape so

I was trapped in a room with doodled four walls

Trapped in a room with no windows nor doors


13 Comments on “No windows, no doors”

  1. Andy says:

    Having everything close in on you with no means of escape is quite frightening.

    You captured that feeling very well.

    Nice entry.

  2. maybe I am just dark in the soul but I think you made a doodled walls sound enticing even without a door or windows :)
    happy potluck!

  3. If your mind is free, there are no walls. but, you express torment very eloquently. Lovely, deep,and soul searching prose.
    Thank you for your comment.

  4. clariice says:

    I enjoyed it:) Trapped – though there is space but eventually without freedom, gloom descends together with depression all because there are no avenues to move to..

  5. seabell says:

    As long as you are not trapped in others’ doodles! Keep doodling and dreaming… The result is nice!

  6. very cool, you are quite good at this. rock on.

  7. Always nice to see another poet write about the darkness, the feelings some choose to deny. The feeling of being trapped in any sense effects us all at one time or another, you did well to discribe it here maybe better than I ever have. Congrats on a great poem, and it was a pleasure to meet you

  8. swanrose says:

    nice images in this….

  9. Bodhirose says:

    For a while the doodles became your fantasy life and then when that ended–back to the trappings of no windows–no door. I suppose we all do this to an extent–daydreaming of something we wish for and then hard reality awakens us.

    Well done!

  10. Olivia says:

    This is where I currently am- literally!
    After I have finished sketching on walls; I have sketched a small open window, waiting for it to come alive n give way..

    Very powerful words you have put together! I loved it for its darkness n the connection with reality!

    Many Hugs xoxox

  11. Purvi says:

    Another verse. Real verse. So me.. Oh .. I like your works.

    Puplumages is Purvi :)
    I am from ~

  12. […] die eerste keer voel ek amper vasgevang in my eie […]

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