Life on hold

I wait

Suspended in midair, between life and death

I wait

As arrows of poisoned torture whizz past my ears

I wait

In this morbid, desolate, colorless place

I wait

The grass is dead, the flowers are wilting

The sun has molded up and spreads its morbid rays

Burns my skin, blisters appear

As I wait

For one torturous arrow to pierce my heart, one

Is all it takes to end this pain

Once and for all, I wait

For that one blissful moment that defines heaven and earth

I wait

For the be all and end all of it all

I wait


7 Comments on “Life on hold”

  1. S says:

    Arduous words wrought with grief. Waiting……When does it end? Where does blessed euphoria begin?

  2. Fountains says:

    Perfect image to accompany this poem. Was it a prompt or something you found yourself? Great expression of waiting for death.

  3. saya says:

    Very nicely described the pain of waiting for death.. Great words :) me likes it.. :) hope that waiting ends soon for everyone without any pain :)

  4. Jingle says:

    so sad, well done.
    Happy Rally.

  5. Oh wow dark brutal imagery, deep, raw, and painful wonderfully written

  6. Ina says:

    Scary, sinister and very well done!

  7. swanrose says:

    grapped me right away and held me til the end… nicely done

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