Blank sheet

I’m a blank sheet, white

And pure. There’s room to write

There’s room to grow.Dreams hurt

Expectations too. Keeping it blank

Keeping it true.

I’m a blank sheet of music, there’s potential there

Potential to create heavenly music so rare

Dreams hurt, expectations too

So I’m keeping it blank, keeping it true.

I’m a blank, blank canvas, so dazzlingly white

A canvas for talent, a canvas for the wise

But dreams hurt, expectations too

So I’m keeping it blank,I’m

Keeping it true……





11 Comments on “Blank sheet”

  1. saya says:

    Its so true that keeping it blank is always like keeping it true.. Very nice poem again. Indeed its difficult to be a blank sheet :) Wishing u all the best for keeping it true always :)

  2. Jingle says:

    such apt expression, well done.


  3. Sometimes the story has to unfold day by day, moment by moment. With a blank sheet, there are as yet, no mistakes.
    Well penned.

  4. To be a blank sheet…not easy at all, unfortunately the mistakes we do keep soiling the white canvas…. :)
    Well written poem

  5. Powerful statement, beautiful metaphor

  6. jagring says:

    Its always beautiful to read a piece which has a very simple topic and an idea revolving around it, and even better is to execute all that superbly with simple words. Simplicity can do wonders ..!!

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