It really is a beautiful world

If you put aside your dark glasses

The stone that you drag around while you go

The sand bags on your head dripping sand in to your eyes

Hindering your flight as you try to fly.

If you rip apart the spiders’ webs, the dusty curtains, the dark clouds

If you dare enough to keep smiling, amidst the droughts,the hurricanes

If you dare enough to keep dancing,amidst the floods,the rains

Those worries will fall away, those stones that you balance on your head as you go

Dragging your feet,cursing the world.

Those worries will float away, mere butterfly wings in the middle of a storm

A cloud of joy,a cotton candy cloud

That melts in your mouth,so wonderfully warm….

Thank you so very much for the award. I am very much humbled. I nominate Jingle for her outstandingly touching poetry :)


3 Comments on “It really is a beautiful world”

  1. and this is really a beautiful poem, good work.

  2. Yes indeed. Life is all about how we look at it. It nearly always lives up to our expectations. If we choose to see it as dark and dreary and miserable, then, that’s what we will see. If we choose to still look for the bright side and see hope, then you attract to you what you send out.
    Only, you said it so much more eloquently here.
    Congratulations on the award and, thank you so much for visiting me.

  3. A perfect choice of the beautiful words…
    Congratulations on the well deserved award :)

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