Delicately yours


That thin line between the possible and the impossible

Not easy to bear, for it pricks, weighs heavy

Crushing hearts when doubts appear


Squashes like an insect under a boot

When there is no one to hold it up,

When you

Bear the burden all alone.



Moves mountains, performs

Everyday miracles,

But alone it kills, a succubus

That steals in, in the dead of the night,

Slips in to bed, that unholy demon

Takes you by force, makes love, breeds hatred

Till you bleed, sucking blood, chewing

Like sugar cane, crushing bones

Under his accursed weight

Spits out what is left and leaves one drained

Like the tasteless, stringy betel chew

Worthless, clutching

At thin air.


That tiny delicate butterfly wing you puff away

When all you want is to let go.

When all you want to do is run, far far away,


Stares after you

Helpless, succubus

No more……….


9 Comments on “Delicately yours”

  1. Leo says:

    Faith does prick when it is lost or betrayed. I know that.

    My Poem ~ Vicissitude of thought

  2. CC Champagne says:

    So much of this reminds me of the horrible massacre in Norway a week ago… Not sure I want to be reminded, but it’s still a beautiful piece!

  3. Asicat says:

    Very haunting, but you’ve really given me clear imagery in my mind. I imagine the poet sitting thinking on his way somewhere, perhaps preparing himself to deal with a difficult situation. Brilliant.

  4. Powerful piece very thought-provoking

  5. Deep and daunting. I loved the mention of succubus.

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