This uncouth child

Coils round and round, chokes

The breath, this serpentine mind

Hisses sweet lethargic rhymes, peeps in

From behind mossy piles of work, this uncouth child.

Flowers in hair,tinkling

Laughter echoes down the hall, shaking

Autumn leaves from her skirt, she bares

These fear serpents by the tail, devours them whole.


Mortals with her siren chants, leads one away skipping

Takes by the hand while duties lay abandoned, yawning

Stretching their heavy limbs in blissful slumbers.

As you become playmates, she strokes the hair

Singing nursery rhymes, enchanting beware

While you fall asleep, unaware

Of duties lying, oh so bare!



7 Comments on “This uncouth child”

  1. Jingle says:

    wise and sharp words.
    well capture of life’s fears and uncertainty.

  2. Nicely done piece, vivid in verbal visuals.

  3. Bodhirose says:

    She sounds menacing. And she may be lazy but she seems pretty busy being up to no good!

  4. jennifaye says:

    The uncouth child sounds disturbing. Agrees with Bodhirose, “sounds menacing”. But still the fact remains, it’s very well written.

  5. This poem kind of scared me to be honest. Good poem though.

  6. caridwen says:

    I loved this up until the line “stretching their heavy limbs in blissful slumbers” – but what comes after seems rushed and not in tandem as regards meaning when compared to the rest of your poem. I would love to see you play with those final lines and pull them more into the thread of the rest of the piece. Wonderful word choice and phrasings!!

  7. The accompanying picture gave the piece that little more menacing edge to it. And I agree – it is a wonderful write.

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