Mermaids’ tears

Mermaids’ tears

Lie glistening,glittering jewels on the sand

These tears do count,yet these maids of the sea

Have stone cold hearts,they could not feel.

What happens to the tears we cry?

The we who feel,the we who hurt

Do they gleam? Do they glisten in the sun?

Does anyone see? Do they even count?

The countless,numberless tears of the heart?

To become a mermaid! How wonderful a thing!

To drown at sea,grow cold at heart,

Feel no pain,yet cry tears that glisten like stars

Brave the seven seas,comb one’s hair

Sing serenades to passers by.

Become a mermaid! What a glorious a thing!

To make one’s tears worth is definitely something.


7 Comments on “Mermaids’ tears”

  1. Priya says:

    This is beautiful. I’ve always had an unusual connection with anything about mermaids, so it’s great to see someone else does as well.

  2. This is such a lovely poem and mermaids are such a wonder if they really exist or not this one can leave us wondering happy picnic thanks

  3. Morning says:

    enjoyed it,

    superb poetry and imagery.

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