Carrying on….

Future smiles with outstretched arms


Run like a child,seeking warmth

Of its mother’s safe arms.

But in my careless haste,sometimes

I scratch myself on the briers that line my way

I trip,feet bound with lies, I fall

In to snares laid with deceit,

Run a stake or two through the heart, I bleed

I cry, I scream,I curse, my trust

It shatters with the fall,sometimes

I cut myself on the shards,I fear

I may never trust again.

Yet I stand,I gather myself,

I smile through the pain,I walk through the rain.

Battle wounds run deep,they sting,they hurt

But they heal

With time. Yet sometimes,

I think I will die, bleed myself to death and yet

I survive.

Wounds turn to scabs, scabs turn armor

Valuable stuff these scars, they serve as maps

Of where I have been,of what I have survived

The blood that I’ve shed is the rouge on my lips

The tears that I’ve cried are the pearls around my neck

I wear my kind deeds,they are the garlands in my hair

My perfume is sweet,it is my virtue that I’ve preserved.

I stand tall,I run swift

I run like the wild black mare unleashed,

My limbs ache,I ail sometimes

Yet I battle demons,ward monsters,beware

My wounds become armor,my scars become shields,

My heart survived blows,becomes stronger still

I am what I am,I’ve braved many storms

My faith is strong, I’ve always

Always carried on.


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