Wake me up

Night closes in, smothers

The living with its heavy, wet blankets

Of tears, of longing

Presses to the face in all its dexerity

That sly, ugly thing, suffocates

As breath quickens and

Slowly comes to a halt.

When smiles don’t brighten the day, when

The dawn breaks glass splinters

All over the face, when all that you crave

Are loving arms and a welcoming smile that says

Welcome to my heart, please stay

For I shall cherish you for all eternity

You are all that I need to hold sway.

When happiness ain’t a contract

That expires from time to time

That new bidders need to take over

Each time.

When comfort is near and the truth

Is right there, wake me up

Wake me up to a warm cup of love

To warm loving arms, to warm loving words

To a dawn that promises new birth

And full frontal acceptance, a brand new world

Wake me up to raw, lucid love

Purple winged butterflies, rose colored dawns

Wake me up to a sun-kissed haunt

Wake me up

When this somberness ends.


One Comment on “Wake me up”

  1. rapunzal says:

    each and every time u wake me up…., an illusion is there……….
    try to wake me up for the reality……

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