Darkness came

Yes it came, on an unsuspecting day

Uncharacteristically nimble on its great clawed feet.

It whispered

Through its clenched teeth, hateful whispers

Abominable whispers

Its breath stank of wasted lives, its spit tasted of minds lost

It whispered, sent thousand spiders scuttling through the ears,

A mind whimpered

As spiders spun their crafty webs

And darkness weaved its shifty skeins

And hope got caught and struggled

Bled within the barbed wire, shed its wings and died.

Thoughts scattered

Like the pearls of my mother’s necklace that I once broke and cried

Cried and cried till every pearl was collected

Cried and cried till the string was mended, with love.

And yet

Who is to collect my scattered thoughts

And piece them back together again today?


One Comment on “Scattered”

  1. fhhakansson says:

    I can really sense the pain and desperation of the narrator as his world – seemingly based on routine – and thoughts crashes due to some unpredictable and horrible event. Hopefully this reading is not too far off…

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