In blood and bone


Accused of a distant past,

Painful old memories flitted across the mind,

Memories long buried emerged out of their graves

Stabbed with their soiled daggers, pointed chest-wards

Their crystal blades,

Shattered inside the flesh, left splinters

Stuck inside the festering wounds.

Whispered conspiracy oozed, feelings

Of estrangement, loneliness long suppressed

Insecurities raised their rotting heads

And cackled,

Insides crumpled like burning dry leaf at the sound.

The world remains uncertain and the only certain thing was lost

Once upon a time and found again, I know I had the trust

I had the faith all along

And yet,

I stand to be tested, over and over again.

If feelings had colors, if they could be scanned

Mine would be blood red from all the blows I’ve had

Yet in soft cool blue letters, our story would be told

And faith carved in blood along the ivory bones.


2 Comments on “In blood and bone”

  1. ALCH3MIST says:

    Thanks for stopping by. It’s awesome to get to know fellow bloggers! And by the way, SUPERB poems; following you NOW. :D

  2. fhhakansson says:

    I love the imagery you use here. Especially the last three lines. Genius!

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