How do I say this?

How do I convey in coherent means

This booming tune that plays in my depths?

How do I describe it?

This doleful, restless tune

That does not translate in to words?

In what language does sorrow sing?

What syllables do loneliness utter?

What letters can spell raging, venomous indifference

That twists and turns creating stinging rope burns?

What is the language of the soul? How do I convert the sobs

The aching desires that it so well hides?

How do I sing this, this harrowing hymn of mine?

Will there be words? Will anyone listen?

The prayers do resonate within abandoned mines.


One Comment on “Muted”

  1. I enjoyed this. When asking questions, the reader can not help but become involved,
    Tag you’re it.

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