Perhaps, perhaps not

Perhaps tomorrow it will sting less

The indifference would be replaced by care

Perhaps I shall be greeted with a smile

And loving words, oh

How it would make me smile!

Perhaps and perhaps not,

Oh I don’t know

This life’s fickle wriggling about shall

Crush me to bits one of these days.

I am

But a moth trapped in a suffocating cocoon

Slowly succumbing to a blanketing numbness

That seems essential in every way.

And I tell myself

Ruin is an essential step

In the long process of transformation

That one must be suffocated

In order to appreciate breath, to appreciate life

And hope to myself

That all this is true and brace for the worst, pack my bags

Because it is good to be prepared

Or so they say

Because tragedies are my specialty it seems.

But oh how I would so like to smile

Even if it is for a little, little while!


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