Would you still love a nameless pile of flesh?

Devoid of this skin, this name, this face

Would you still love me, devoid of these bones

Devoid of this frame that holds my shape

Would you still care? Would you still hold

My limp, lifeless stump of a hand?

Devoid of my family, the grounds from where I come

Would you still have me, devoid of my bank account?

Devoid of my words, these hands that could touch

Would you still think of me the way you once had?

Devoid of these eyes, these lips that speak your name

Would you still cherish the moments we had?

Devoid of this hair, these cloths, these nails

Devoid of this smile, would you love a shapeless mound of flesh?

A pumping heart, a tangled web of veins

A few scraggly teeth, would you love a nameless pile of meat?

Brackish brain matter submerged in thoughts of you

A whole mass of love and feelings that pulse for you

Would you still love this shapeless messy pile?

Would you still care for this nameless fleshy mound?

I thought not.

But It’s ok

We are all very human



2 Comments on “Would you still love a nameless pile of flesh?”

  1. belladonna23 says:

    harsh realization..
    so when we are devoid of so many things, it comes to ask, “what is there left to us” and maybe the person realizes that they only loved the wrong parts of you, but not YOU in the deeper sense…
    a random thought from a random admirer of your work :)

  2. ARTRA says:

    Just a thought, every part of you contributes to the person you are,every shape/choice of attire/family upbringings,they represent your ideologies and preferances,so perhaps,you would not be doing justice to who you are if you do not place significance to these attributes of yours.

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