This time

Maybe one day

Purple balloons shall carry me away

I shall fight those who make me unhappy

Embrace those who make me smile

Maybe one day

The lies of the past would make sense and it would hurt less


Stop beating myself up knowing that I let myself be fooled,


That nothing is for certain, that

Nothing is forever.

Maybe one day

All this would make sense

The motives will become clear

And one beautiful day I shall smile

I shall smile because I feel loved

Feel wanted,

And not because smiling is essential

For maintaining social interactions.

Maybe one day

I shall let go of all that weighs me down

And fly, soar up high

Without anyone making me feel any less

Than what I really am, perhaps

The sky will swallow me whole, make me

In to one of those

Cotton candy clouds, weightless

Heartless and float free, free and happy

Like a gust of wind or

A wisp of smoke.

That one day seems near

Eventually things disintegrate and I shall not interfere

This time.


8 Comments on “This time”

  1. pixie says:

    Beautiful written! This is exactly what I am hoping for too.

  2. This is beautiful. You have a wonderful talent. Wish I could write like this.

  3. scottmac56 says:

    Reblogged this on Name-Brand Ketchup. and commented:
    Great poem from the excellent blog Musings Of A Wanderer.

  4. […] Great poem from the blog Musings Of A Wanderer. […]

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