If only it had a mouth it would have smiled

Serpents coil round and round an anemic heart

Choking, throttling

While it spits blood, squirts

Water, for blood has been shed

Many, many times.

Having been ravaged by prying vultures

Having been pinched by thoughtless fingers, needles

Of indifference, cruel, stabbing words

Having been attacked with poisoned arrows, almost

Been sawed apart once, minced and mangled

Being choked now is a privilege,

A piece of chocolate fudge

Topped perhaps with a cherry, or

A juicy looking strawberry.

If it had a mouth the heart would have smiled

For light is just about to fade from its eyes,

And the pain is about to cease, about to stop

Serpent venom lulls the agony to numbness

While it penetrates, explores every aching curve

Every burning alcove

Of carefully kept love and guarded memories.

If it had a mouth it would have smiled

For the anemic heart shall no longer beat

Heart wrenching doleful tunes

For now

It patters out its own funeral march

Never to beat again.


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