Pictures freeze, pictures hold

Moments of tenderness suspended in air

A loving glance, a rose petal of joy

Or a stem of hope, budding fruits of innocence,

Pictures, those jars of preservative stuff,

Are memorials held for those moments lost

And people who have long since changed

And the people in those pictures have long since passed away

While their loveless corpses remain

Talking, zombie-walking, soulless, mundane.

Pictures of smiles that used to be

Remnants in full bloom, remnants of pain

Remnants of happiness, remnants of hope

Hope which once was but has long since been lost

Pictures, those moments that are long lost

Pictures, those moments for which we mourn

Pictures of what only skeletons now remain

Those funeral pyres of what mattered the most,

Those painful tombstones of what used to be…….


One Comment on “Pictures”

  1. thelonefigure says:

    Beautiful poem! :)

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