Rainy afternoons

Smelling of wet earth, hot coffee

And books

Quiet evenings

Of fluttering pages and somnolent fantasies

In pale light filtered

Through pregnant clouds and

Green leaves burdened

With the juice of the sky.

When suddenly, you breeze in

Piercing through the cascade

And splatter upon my skin

Fragrant and serene

Like a forgotten kiss when

The pen would bleed words and paper

Would not be enough to mop up that wordy mess

That you so carelessly leave behind.


3 Comments on “September”

  1. dandylion28 says:

    This is beautiful :)

  2. elizena says:

    Beautifully vivid and quietly intense (if there is such a thing). Sometimes life can burst in on us shouting, “Hey look at me, I’m here!!” and at other times, it strolls in like a soft, sweet rain and touches our skin and shows us that there is beauty even in soft rain.
    I really enjoyed reading; it was wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Praying you have a blessed day.

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