I should like to hold you now

Despite the yawning miles, defy

The gnawing acid of distance, perhaps

Reach out to you in your dreams, but you

Never really dream, do you?

Barred behind that impenetrable wall of sleep you

Wander off on your own, and I

Can do nothing else but wait

Till you unbar the sleep doors again the next morning

Setting those slightly bewildered eyes upon

Too much sunlight and a world that makes way too much fuss

Over unimportant things.

Maybe you will remember to stop

And dream a little tomorrow, at daybreak

In between sips of tea and

Driving to work amidst a

Honk infested city, but then again,

Maybe not.

Remember but of me, of my thoughts

Always with you, early morning

Despite a slumber slurred voice greeting you

From the other end of countless strings of

Electromagnetic waves, coarsely spun

Of unrefined emotions that are

Generally healthier than the synthetic refineries

In plenty these days.

Remember me, of the unrefined caresses, words

Too coarse to be of plastic

In an otherwise plastic world.


One Comment on “Thoughts”

  1. fiveloaf says:

    great write. glad to be of acquaintance carefree. here’s my rally..

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