Ode to a muse

My phantom, my muse

You tease me, you test me dearly

With random smiles, a careless kiss from time to time

So tender on my lips, a painful brush, but

I quite like the pain.

My beautiful spirit, you

Have been away for far too long that

The springs have dried up and

The parched land yearns for a drop

Of your bountiful soul.

My sweetest spark, you

Give me words but never stories

Give me notes, but never full songs and

I’ve been waiting far too long.

My animus, afflatus you

Appear, disappear like

The April lightning, so sudden

So startlingly profound that you

Leave me gasping every time.

My impulse, my  revelation, you

Dearest darling child who

Tugs at a heart string and runs away

And hides behind a dream, my

Ruthless, gentle child.


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