Mopping up

The city clothed itself in sombre robes

The trees stood silent, leaves no longer

Dilly-dallying in the wind

Respectful reverence, or was it

Petrified fear?

I saw your face through the haze, petrol fumes

Clouded my judgement. You

Touched my hand and smiled

Into my eyes. Cue – this is where I melt, into your arms

Helplessly, aimlessly wander, let you engulf me, liquid

Like water

But something had frozen. I guess I do not melt anymore

It was strange yet comforting, I needed you no more.

Yet words splatter the walls at unforseen moments,

At the absence of a janitor, I am left

Mopping up the walls in silence.

2 Comments on “Mopping up”

  1. Bodhirose says:

    Hi, it’s Gayle from Bodhirose’s Blog. We used to be connected through Jingle’s group. I was looking through my old postings and saw some of your comments and thought I would pay a visit…you’re still writing! I’m just getting back into it again after a few months break. But anyway, thought I would invite you to another wonderful group of poets to post as you would like. It was started by Brian Miller and a few others…very nice group of people. I’m leaving you the link in case you might be interested: Check it out, would love to see you there.

    Great write too. I’m glad that she no longer melted…or needed him.

    Gayle ~

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