Goodbyes are


Good byes are meant for healing,

For retrieving the tiny bits of self, scattered

Along the milky way that you built inside your head

Loving mirages, a lifetime’s work

Taking minutes to dismantle, the loosened bricks

That had crumbled over the years.

Goodbyes are meant to bleed they say

First in gushing torrents, then little streams

And then in sad trickles turning to drops

To dried canals along the cheeks.

Goodbyes are empty canisters

That you fill with little memory shards

Nasty little ‘could have been’s, those nagging ‘what if’s,

Seal with the possibilities of wasted years and bury

Deep, deep down in your backyard with little twigs of remembrance

As markers of what had been.

Goodbyes are pungent, like camphor

Lingering and sticky, just a whiff

Can paralyze with helplessness.

Goodbyes, those necessary evils, those ambiguous plots

Sudden death, like murder

Distant lightning without the thunder

Whispers without the tenderness

Punishment without reward

A dainty hope to kill in the womb,

A gentle touch to forget

And forgive, if you can.


One Comment on “Goodbyes are”

  1. jampope17 says:

    Such powerful words here. Very very good stuff here, my friend. I love it!

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