A careless stab that lands

Upon an open wound, you

Just would not let heal.

As you,

Smiling and calm, bury a knife deep in my belly

Pregnant with love, conceived for you.

You twist

The blade, ever so softly,

In teasing little tugs and jarring little pulls

Your words smooth and sleek, velvet gloved, jagged ends concealed, no one suspects

Till I rouse the goddess with my cries and then

I am to blame for my loudness,

My lack of ease.

Didn’t you know?

Love bleeds out, slowly, softly

A gentle whisper upon sleeping ears

Until it finally departs and leaves

A large gaping crater beneath?

You wouldn’t even know,

Everything you believe to be the ultimate ‘truth’

May not be the truth you see.

I am a catfish, larger than life, not

Without my scales and edges

And you prick me with pins, believing

This is love, wanting me to be

The goldfish that you would have me be.

Your fishbowl tightens around me

Like a noose, as I grow

And I grow and I grow and

Your fish bowl won’t fit me anymore.

And then,

What will you do? Release me to sea?

Or spear me through the heart

Letting me bleed to death in my sleep?


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